More than 18 months after it was last seen, a variant of Lakewood Brewing Co.’s most well-known stout is back starting today.

As has been the case since it debuted in 2014, Raspberry Temptress is a 9.1 percent ABV imperial milk stout brewed with lactose sugar, vanilla and 1,000 pounds of fresh raspberry purée sourced from Oregon. Along with Mole Temptress and Sin Mint Temptress, Raspberry Temptress was retired from the Garland, Texas-based brewery’s lineup last year and replaced with Coconut Temptress.

Raspberry Temptress is part of the Seduction Series, variations of Lakewood’s Temptress milk stout that use different adjuncts to enhance the flavors of the base beer.

“We like to keep our Seduction Series lineup ever-changing,” said Wim Bens, president and founder of Lakewood Brewing, in a press release. “Temptress is such a great beer to add layers of flavor to that we don’t want to release the same four versions every year. So for this year Coconut Temptress is taking a break and Raspberry, usually released for Valentine’s Day, comes back in for the summer.”

According to Lakewood Brewing, Raspberry Temptress 2019 is packaged in four-packs of 12-ounce bottles that are being released at retailers across the brewery’s distribution network today.