Lakewood Brewing Co.’s latest beer pay homage to a saint from Belgium.

Coming in at 8.6 percent ABV, Saint Dymphna is a Belgian-style tripel that is brewed with flowers. The name is in reference to a saint who lived in the 7th century that cared for the mentally ill in the town of Geel, Belgium, hometown of Lakewood founder Wim Bens. In fact, the chapel of Saint Dymphna as well as the linden tree that inspired the beer are both located in the backyard of Ben’s grandmother’s home in Geel.

Lakewood Saint Dymphna

“My grandmother ‘ons Moeke’ lived in Zammel near Geel right behind the St. Dimpnakapel,” said Bens, in a press release. “I spent a lot of time at my grandmother’s place growing up and playing around the little chapel. We would take daily walks to the big linden tree in front of the chapel and my grandmother would tell me stories about the saint.”

St. Dimpnakapel linden tree

Saint Dymphna is the sixth release in Lakewood’s Legendary Series, which began in 2013 and includes “specially brewed beers inspired by Belgian and local mythologies.” The series also includes Brabo’s Cut Belgian-style dark ale (9.4 percent ABV) released in March 2013, La Dame Du Lac biere de garde(7.5 percent ABV) released in May 2013, Goatman India black lager (9.3 percent ABV) released in September 2013, Antigoon’s Revenge Belgian-style golden ale (12.4 percent ABV) released in March 2014 and  Bokkenrijders dopplesticke alt (8.5 percent ABV) released in October 2014.

According to the brewery, Saint Dymphna will be released on draft at the Lakewood Taproom on May 30, while others will receive the beer on draft on June 1. In addition, 22-ounce bottles of the new beer will follow “a week to a couple of weeks” after June 1.