Another OneHitter Series release is on the way from Lagunitas Brewing Co.

According to a label filed with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), the Petaluma, Calif.-based brewery will be releasing Tuberfest, an 8 percent ABV “hopped-up antiquious acktuberfest lager.”

“During the Dark Age reign of Sir Loin of Boef, Germanic warlords imported Irish slaves to work their potato plantations,” reads the beer label. “The Irishmen celebrated the harvest with a unique fermented potato beer from which rose the cry ‘Ach…! Tuberfest…!’”

Tuberfest will join five previous OneHitter Series releases so far this year, which include “unique, strange, Lagunitas one-off” beers:

  • Lagunitas Bitter Oats (10.5 percent ABV) — January 2016 — ale brewed with oats and hops
  • Lagunitas High West-ified Coffee Stout (12 percent ABV) — January 2016 — stout brewed with coffee and aged in High West Rye barrels
  • Lagunitas CitruSinensis Pale Ale (8 percent ABV) — February 2016 — pale ale brewed with natural blood orange flavors
  • Lagunitas The Waldo’s Special Ale (11.5 percent ABV) — April 2016 — IPA
  • Lagunitas Born Again Yesterday (7.5 percent ABV) — May 2016 — unfiltered IPA
  • Lagunitas Tuberfest (8 percent ABV) — TBD — hopped-up lager

Tuberfest will be packaged in 12-ounce bottles. An email sent to the brewery was not immediately returned.