A long-time collaborative team of breweries has just merged.

According to a post on Prairie Artisan Ale’s website, the Prairie brands have been purchased by Krebs Brewing Co. which is based out of Krebs, Okla.

“Early on I had been interested in actually owning a part of Prairie,” said Zach Prichard, president of Krebs, in a statement.

“Since I already felt like the beers were a partnership it only made sense. Last year that opportunity presented itself. Chase agreed to allow Krebs Brewing Company to acquire the Prairie brands. It is a humbling move that shows Chase continues to trust us to innovate, make great beer, and share Prairie across the globe. I do not take that trust lightly.”

While Prairie Artisan Ales operates its own small brewing facility in Tulsa, the bulk of its production has been at Krebs, including its most popular beers like Bomb!

The news comes shortly after Prairie co-owner Chase Healey announced a new project, American Solera.

Healey and his brother Colin started Prairie in 2012.

Earlier this year, Krebs announced plans to build a new brewery triple the size of its current space, it is expected to open next year.

In addition to brewing for Prairie, Krebs produces its own beers mostly under the Choc name.

The statement from Prichard indicates the purchase process began last year, it’s unclear if it has been completed.

Emails sent to both breweries was not immediately returned.