The brewery best known for brewing a number of Prairie Artisan Ales beers is expanding.

According to an article on, Krebs Brewing Co. has run out of space at it current location in Pete’s Place Restaurant in Krebs, Okla., and as a result has rented a 52,000-square-foot facility located in the Steven Taylor Industrial Park in McAlester, Okla. The new location will give the brewery more than three times the space it currently has, and will immediately allow for up to six times the current production.

The McAlester brewery is expected to be fully operational by early 2017. Even after, Krebs plans to keep the original original brewery at Pete’s Place Restaurant operational.

Founded in November 2004, Krebs Brewing Co. employs almost 30 people and brews 100 percent of Choc Beer Co.’s beers and close to 95 percent of Prairie Artisan Ale’s gross production. Prairie Artisan Ales does operate an additional taproom and brewery out of a facility in Tulsa, Okla.