Uinta Brewing Co. is looking for a new brewmaster, after Kevin Ely announced his resignation from the Salt Lake City, Utah-based brewery. Ely joined Uinta in 2006, and has decided to leave the brewery in order to “pursue life on his family’s Appalachian farm.”

Kevin Ely

“Brewing at Uinta has been a tremendous opportunity,” said Ely, in a press release. “My nine years here have been filled with great experiences and learning, and my time as a member of the Uinta family has been fantastic. I look forward to tasting the upcoming innovative new beers and appreciating the future successes of the Uinta team.”

“We fully support Kevin’s decision to begin a new chapter in Ohio,” said Steve Mills, ceo of Uinta.

“Kevin will always be a part of the Uinta clan, but taking this step was important to him and his family. We discussed the timing of his decision, and Kevin felt it was right due to our fantastic brewing leadership and talent at Uinta. It’s worth noting our founder and original brewmaster, Will Hamill, has been heavily involved with brewing operations since Uinta’s inception and will remain so moving forward.”

Founded in 1993, Uinta was ranked as the 34th largest craft brewery in 2014 by the Brewer’s Association and sold over 80,000 barrels of beer last year.