Karbach Brewing Co. is set to release its newest addition to the F.U.N. Series, 013 Kentucky Habit. It is a bourbon barrel-aged Belgian quad with an ABV of 11.9 percent and 35 IBUs.

“Kentucky Habit is brewed with a blend of specialty malts and cane sugar,” said David Graham, marketing manager for Karbach, to Tenemu. We used a Trappist yeast for fermentation which lends some spicy, phenolic notes to hints of fig, caramel and raisin. This brew was aged in 72% Old Fitzgerald barrels and 28% Four Roses barrels. The aging process imparts some great toasted, vanilla oak character as well as a discernible bourbon flavor.”

The inspiration for this beer came from Karbach’s success in making their bourbon barrel-aged Hellfighter. While going over the flavor profile of bourbon the team at Karbach decided a Belgian quad would be a complimentary fit. Karbach 013 Kentucky Habit will be released late in January and will be available in 22-ounce bottles and on limited draft throughout their distribution area.

For the moment, 013 Kentucky Habit is not slated to be brewed again, and, as with the other beers in the F.U.N. Series, it will be a relatively small release.