This weekend, two of Jester King Brewery’s most popular releases are getting variants.

The first new version is Calvados Barrel Aurelian Lure, a 6.4 percent ABV sour beer refermented with apricots and aged in two 225-liter calvados apple brandy barrels sourced from the Normandy region of France. The ale uses the Austin-based brewery’s 2016 Aurelian Lure as its a base, a beer that was first released in October 2013.

This is only the third time that Jester King has packaged one of its beer in 330ml bottles, after Sherry Barrel Atrial Rubicite, a 7 percent ABV sour beer refermented on raspberries and aged in a single 500l Spanish sherry barrel for 15 months was released in Sept. 2015 and Gin Barrel Nocturn Chrysalis, a 7.4 percent ABV sour beer that incorporated the Nocturn Chrysalis (5.7 percent ABV) as a base before aging it in gin barrels sourced from Revolution Spirits Distilling Co. in Austin for a total of 10 months.

The second new beer is Cherry Funk Metal, a 9.5 percent ABV barrel-aged sour stout that has been refermnted with Balaton cherries. As the name indicates, the stout uses Jester King’s Funk Metal as its base, an 8.2 percent ABV sour stout brewed with pale malt, black malt, chocolate malt, caramalt, brown malt, carafa malt, dark crystal malt and roasted barley as well as millennium and East Kent golding hops before being refermented in oak barrels.

According a post on Jester King’s website, Calvados Barrel Aurelian Lure will be packaged in 330ml bottles ($14) with 1,15o bottles available while Cherry Funk Metal will be packaged in 750ml bottles ($22) with 1,300 bottles available. In addition, each of the two beers will have a purchased limit of one bottle per person per day when it goes on sale on July 7.

Update (July 6, 2016) — This post was updated to include details on the release date, pricing information and brewing details. It was originally published on July 1, 2017.