Jester King Brewery will be releasing the second Dichotomous blend for 2016 tomorrow.

The newest addition to the series is 2016 Hibernate Dichotomous, a 5.9 percent ABV blended farmhouse ale brewed with dried Genmaicha tea and winter rosemary sourced from Dripping Springs, Texas-based Pure Luck Farms. That portion of the beer was then blended with the Austin-based brewery’s Funk Metal stout before being packaged into approximately 3,500 bottles.

“Our motivation for 2016 Hibernal Dichotomous was to continue to experiment with the technique of bière de coupage while working with preserved goods at our brewery during a time in which fresh ingredients are less plentiful,” reads a post on Jester King’s website. “Lastly, we returned once again to the technique of bière de coupage, which involves blending mature, barrel-aged beer with young fresh beer. Bière de coupage was a method first used long ago by brewers as a way to influence the fermentation of the young beer with the microorganisms in the mature beer. It remains one of our favorite methods of creating unique flavors and aromas through fermentation.”

Jester King 2016 Hibernal Dichotomous

This is the eighth seasonal saison Jester King has released since 2014:

According to Jester King, 2016 Hibernate Dichotomous will be packaged in 750ml bottles ($14) and will have no bottle limit when it is released at the brewery on May 13.