Jester King Brewery is releasing the newest version of its peach sour tomorrow.

That beer is 2018 分 桃—pronounced 2018 Fēn Táo—a 6 percent ABV barrel-aged wild beer refermented on three different varieties of peaches—Carored, Regal and June Gold—all of which were grown at Vogel Orchard near Fredericksburg, Texas. This will be the fifth release of Fēn Táo.

“We took the peaches straight from the orchard, macerated them by hand, and added them right into our beer in an effort to embrace as much as the terroir of the fruit as possible,” says a post on Jester King’s Facebook page.

According to Jester King, 2018 Fēn Táo will be packaged in 500ml bottles ($20) and will have a four bottle per person per day purchase limit when they go on sale on Aug. 31. There are approximately 2,200 bottles available.