After hinting about it for months, Jester King Brewery has finally announced the date of its 2015 Zwanze Day, which has been delayed since September. The event will take place on April 14 at the Austin, Texas-based brewery, and it will be the first time that Brasserie Cantillon beers will be able to be purchased legally in the state of Texas.

“Zwanze Day is the time of year when Brasserie Cantillon simultaneously releases a new, very special beer at dozens of locations around the world,” says a post on Jester King’s website. “2015 Zwanze Day happened back on September 19, 2015. Although Jester King had the honor of being a location, we postponed 2015 Zwanze Day (with Cantillon’s blessing) until Cantillon could officially be licensed for sale in Texas.”

After being selected as a host site for Zwanze Day in both 2013 and 2014, Jester King gave away samples of the beer at each event since it was not legal to sell them. However, last year Jester King announced that it would not be holding its 2015 Zwanze Day until Brasserie Cantillon was approved to sell its beers in the state.

Attendees will not only be able to enjoy a pour of 2015 Zwanze spontaneously fermented stout (7 percent ABV), but also be the first people in the state of Texas to legally purchase Cantillion products, including Bruocsella Grand Cru (5 percent ABV), Kriek (5 percent ABV), and Gueuze (5 percent ABV.) Each of the attendees will be able to purchase one bottle of their choosing.

Tickets for the event will cost $50, with $25 of that amount donated to the Texas Craft Brewers Guild Legislative Committee and/or Open the Taps, both of which are working to loosen restrictions on breweries wanting to enter the Texas market. In addition, Jester King is hosting a lottery for the 200 tickets, with entries being taken starting today and ending at midnight on April 3. Lottery winners will be notified by close of business on April 4, and will have 48 hours to purchase tickets.