While Jester King Brewery has incorporated a large number of different fruits into its creations over the years, apples have never been one of them.

That is changing with Correlation, a 6.3 percent ABV farmhouse ale refermented on Texas-grown Gala apples and aged in Muscat wine barrels for more than a year.

“To be totally honest, we were a little nervous about the results being too sulphuric. But in late 2016, we came across some Gala apples grown in North Texas and decided to give them a try,” reads a post on Jester King’s website. “We crushed 250 pounds and refermented the juice and pulp with a farmhouse ale brewed with well water, Texas-grown barley, rolled oats, honey malt, Golding hops, and a touch of chamomile. To our surprise, there was little to no noticeable sulfur production during this process.”

According to Jester King, Correlation is packaged in 750ml bottles ($24) and will have a three bottle per person per day purchase limit when it goes on sale on July 27 with about 1,800 bottles available.