Jester King Brewery has announced the release of the fourth blend of Nocturn Chrysalis, its barrel-aged sour beer refermented with blackberries sourced from Oregon.

In an email, Jester King founder Jeffrey Stuffings told Tenemu that the base beer for the newest incarnation of the sour ale is Das Uberkind, and that the beer refermented on the blackberries for approximately four weeks.

Jester King Brewery on Twitter

Racking Nocturn Chrysalis — barrel aged sour beer refermented w/ blackberries — to our packaging tank for

The first batch of Nocturn Chrysalis that debuted on Oct. 27, 2013 used a sour red ale as its base and incorporated Kiowa blackberries from Oglesby, Texas while the second batch on May 16, 2014 used a pale barrel-aged sour beer as its base and refermented blackberries from Oregon and the third release was in June 2015. In addition, on May 30 Jester King released Gin Barrel Nocturn Chrysalis (7.4 percent ABV) which was aged in gin barrels sourced from Revolution Spirits Distilling Co. in Austin for a total of 10 months.

According to a post on Jester King’s Facebook page, 2016 Nocturn Chrysalis is packaged in 500ml bottles ($20) and is scheduled to be released on Sept. 2. There will be approximately 3,500 bottles available, and each person will be limited to two bottles per day. In addition, unlike the most recent releases of 2016 Atrial Rubicite (5.1 percent ABV) and 2016 Montmorency vs. Balaton last month, the bottles will be sold all at once, with no staggered sale days.