Jester King Brewing and Scratch Brewing Co. have joined forces on a new beer that gets its name from the scientific term for the process of leaves being dropping from a tree.

Abscission is a 5.5 percent ABV 100 percent spontaneously fermented beer brewed with grapevines, fallen leaves, spicebush, juniper branches, laurel and sassafras before being aged in oak for 22 months. The new ale was brewed in February 2016 at Austin-based Jester King and all of the ingredients were gathered by Marika Josephson and Aaron Kleidon of Scratch Brewing in Ava, Illinois.

“The brewday with Scratch was a special one for us,” reads a post on Jester King’s website. “Walking around Jester King with Aaron Kleidon of Scratch was an incredible experience. In the course of an hour, Aaron identified what seemed like two dozen different ingredients growing on the ranch that could be used to make beer. Aaron is a true master of his craft. He, along with his partner Marika, combine to create a treasure for beer in America. The brewday was made extra special by our former Head Brewer Garrett Crowell and Jester King Brewer Sean Spiller playing a guitar duo in our barrel room while the coolship filled.”

According to Jester King, Abscission is packaged in 750ml bottles ($22) and will have a six bottle per person purchase limit when it goes on sale today with approximately 1,200 bottles available. In addition, the beer will be a brewery exclusive release, due to the fact that “we’ll never be able to get federal label approval (COLA) for the beer with all the ingredients!”