Jester King Brewery has joined forces with any number of other breweries and companies before, but tomorrow will bring a different kind of collaboration.

The Austin-based brewer has joined forces with Revolution Spirits Distilling Co. on Deimos’ Companion, a a farmhouse ale brewed with papola and refermented with lime juice and zest. While the beer can be drunk on it is own, it can also be blended with a new spirit distilled by Revolution named Phobos’ Companion to create a “beer cocktail.”

“For this project, we decided to essentially deconstruct a cocktail, and what we landed on was the michelada which is most often made with Mexican beer, salt, lime, hot sauce or chile flakes, and Worcestershire sauce or Clamato,” reads a post on Jester King’s website. “To create this cocktail on your own, mix the two at a 6:1 ratio – for every 6 parts of Deimos’ Companion add 1 part Phobos’ Companion.”

The new creations were named after the two moons of Mars—Deimos and Phobos—with the label for Jester King’s Deimos’ Companion featuring the moon Phobos while the label for Revolution Spirit’s Phobos’ Companion features the moon Deimos.

According to Jester King, Deimos’ Companion will be packaged in 750ml bottles ($14) and will have no purchase limit when it goes on sale on June 22 with approximately 4,500 bottles available. In addition, while Texas laws prohibit serving a blend of Deimos’ Companion and Phobos’ Companion at either Jester King or Revolution Spirits, the companies will be holding several events in the Austin area during the month of July.