Jester King Brewery has announced a new beer that even Mr. Ed would enjoy.

Named Reposé, the new beer is a 8.3 percent ABV farmhouse ale that is brewed with hay, “Texas hill country water from our well,” malted barley, aged hops, and fresh hops. The beer was originally brewed in February 2014 after being fermented in stainless steel and moved to French brandy barrels. Last month, the brewery bottled approximately 4,500 bottles.

Jester King Repose 1

Jester King Repose 2

“The inspiration for Reposé came from dusty, hay-filled barns like the one near Jester King where we store our aged hops,” reads a post on Jester King’s website. “We attempted to capture some of our sensory experience of the barn by adding ingredients found in the attic to the beer. We added bales of hay to the mash and old hops that had spent many months in burlap bags to the boil.”

Jester King Repose 3

Reposé will be available in 750ml bottles ($18) and will be released on Feb. 27, with a limit of four bottles per person per day.

Jester King Repose label