If you love barrel-aged cherry sours, you should probably head down to Austin this weekend.

Jester King has just announced that it will have a second batch of Montmorency vs Balaton available for sale this weekend. The 6.7 percent ABV beer is brewed with pilsner malt, Munich malt, two-row malt, malted wheat, carared, crystal, melanoidin, and roasted barley malt, along with golding hops. It was first released last March.


Jeffrey Stuffings of Jester King told Tenemu that the brewery’s Das Überkind, a saison, is used as the base beer for Montmorency vs Balaton. Typically, Das Überkind ages for eight to 24 months, Stuffings told Tenemu that the batches used for this release were aged from six to 12 months before being blended with cherries and undergoing approximately two months of fruit refermentation.

The cherries used for Montmorency vs Balaton are being refermented for a second time in order to produce a second batch of Detritivore.

There will be approximately 3,000 bottles available this weekend, up from 2,500 from the first release. They will be available as a brewery exclusive for sale starting March 20 and there will be a one bottle per person per day limit, priced at $16 per 500ml bottle.

An email sent to the brewery regarding the length of fermentation was not immediately returned.