Jester King Brewery is no stranger to farmhouse ales, but this weekend people will get more of a new release than ever before.

According to the Austin, Texas-based brewery’s website it will be releasing Equipoise, a collaboration with Paul Qui, who is the owner and head chef at Qui restaurant in Austin. The new beer is a 4.2 percent ABV “farmhouse table beer” brewed with ginger salt and tarragon before being refermented with cantaloupe and is packaged in 1.5l bottles.

Jester King Equipoise

A post on Jester King’s website give more background information on the beer:

The principles behind our collaboration, as the name suggests, are balance and equilibrium. We’ve long been immensely impressed with the subtlety, restraint, balance, and delicateness of Chef Qui’s cuisine. The thoughtfulness with which he creates layers of flavors has led to some of the most complex dishes we’ve ever tasted. Based on Chef Qui’s principles and philosophy, we similarly wanted to create a subtle, balanced beer that wouldn’t overwhelm the palate. We felt comfortable working within this context, as these principles are important to us for all our beers. We also had the goal of creating a low-alcohol table beer that could be shared amongst friends and enjoyed over the course of the entire meal. Thus, we decided to bottle Equipoise in 1.5 liter-magnums.

Equipoise was brewed in September 2014 and was bottled in October, but instead of the normal 500ml or 750ml bottles, the new beer will come packaged in 1.5l bottles, the first time the brewery has used that size bottles.

“We have no immediate plans to use them again, but we like them and think they make sense for our lower alcohol beers, so I’d say we’re likely to re-visit them,” said  Jeffrey Stuffings, Jester King owner and head brewery, to Tenemu. “I could see filling them with some of our spontaneously fermented beer, once we start blending it.”

The 1.5l bottles of Equipoise ($24) will be released on April 3, and there will be a one bottle per person per day limit.