Jester King Brewery is adding yet another release that will use the “spent” from one beer to make another one.

This time, the beer in question is named Demi-Tone, a 6.3 percent ABV 1-2 month old farmhouse ale that has been conditioned on “spent” blueberries that were used in the Austin-based brewery’s Colour Five. This is not the first time that Jester King has used this process, as Detritivore (5.5 percent ABV) is refermented with the same Michigan cherries used in the production of Montmorency vs. Balaton barrel-aged sour ale (6.7 percent ABV), La Vie en Rose (6.2 percent ABV) is refermented with the “spent” raspberries that were used for Atrial Rubicite (5.8 percent ABV) and Grim Harvest (5.8 percent ABV) is conditioned on “spent” blackberries that were used to produce the brewery’s Nocturn Chrysalis.

“We’ve always been a little cautious when working with blueberries, as we’ve encountered acetic (vinegary) issues in the past, which we’ve always dumped down the drain,” reads a post on Jester King’s website. “We’ve come a long way since our first attempt of working with blueberries, and we believe Demi-Tone is a really great expression of one of our core philosophies — allowing native yeast and bacteria to create interesting flavors and aromas through the fermentation of grains and fruit.”

According to Jester King, Demi-Tone will be packaged in 750ml bottles ($18) with a total of approximately 1,400 bottles available and a limit of one bottle per person when it goes on sale June 9.