This weekend, Jester King Brewery will be releasing Colonel Toby, a 3.4 percent ABV “hoppy, simple little farmhouse ale” dry-hopped with both Centennial and Citra hops before being bottled. The new ale was brewed in collaboration with London-based The Kernel Brewery at Jester King on Oct. 24, 2016 after Toby Munn of The Kernel stopped by following his multi-month bike tour across America.

“We’ve long respected Toby for his commitment to balance, simplicity, and restraint when it comes to brewing, so we felt compelled to make a beer that does justice to this philosophy,” reads a post on Jester King’s website. “Colonel Toby is just that — a hoppy, simple little farmhouse ale, that we think is great for casually enjoying with friends and family. That’s what beer is all about, right?”

According to Jester King, Colonel Toby will be packaged in 750ml bottles ($9) and will have approximately 6,500 bottles available when it goes on sale today. In addition, there is no bottle limit, and bottles will be sent out for distribution in the future.