Almost five months after Jester King Brewery brewed a beer with Quebec, Canada-based brewery Brasserie Dunham, the finished project is being released.

The collaboration is named Amicis Mortis, a 4.2 percent ABV farmhouse ale that was brewed on March 30 with wheat, sweet potatoes, chili peppers, and coconut. According to a post on Jester King’s website, the sweet potatoes were added to the mash, while the chili peppers were added late in the boil. Two weeks after the beer was transferred to stainless steel to ferment, more chili peppers and some coconut was added to the still unfinished brew. On May 20, the beer was then packaged in bottles to referment yet again.

Jester King : Brasserie Dunham Amicis Mortis 1

“The inspiration for the beer came from a dish cooked with sweet potatoes, chili peppers, and coconut we had with Eloi at Odd Duck the night before brewing,” reads a the post on Jester King’s website. “We felt kinship with Eloi through food. We also share a love for low alcohol, slightly bitter, quenching beers. Thus, we wanted to make a very drinkable, table strength beer. We also decided we would add a relatively large dose of hops to the beer, so as to impede bacterial fermentation in favor of more yeast character and bitterness.”

Jester King : Brasserie Dunham Amicis Mortis 3

Both the beer name and the art for the label was produced by artist Josh Cockrell, who had this to say about his through process:

I took visual inspiration from medieval works produced in the aesthetic of memento mori, a practice of focusing on mortality. The term “Amicis Mortis” literally means “remember to die.” The ingredients for this beer all create pause to reflect on death. The word “coconut” comes from old Spanish for “skull.” Chili peppers are in the nightshade family, made famous by the poison created from one of its members atropa belladonna. Sweet potatoes, which are in the morning glory family, with blooms lasting only one day, have long represented mortality. The crown hanging from the skull comes from the coat of arms of the city of Dunham, Quebec, and represents that none of us are above death. I found it interesting that our friendly collaboration ended up settling on ingredients symbolic of mortality, and so named the beer Amicis Mortis meaning “friends of death.

Jester King : Brasserie Dunham Amicis Mortis 2

Amicis Mortis is packaged in 750ml bottles ($12) and will have a two bottle per person per day limit. Approximately 2,400 bottles were filled, and they will go on sale starting on Aug. 21.