For the third time in as many years, Jester King Brewery will be releasing variant of one of its most ambitious creations to date.

That beer is 2018 SPON Raspberry & Cherry, a is a 5.4 percent ABV blend one-, two- and three-year-old 100 percent spontaneously fermented beer that as been refermented with raspberries and cherries. The new beer incorporates a grist of Texas malted barley and raw wheat that was boiled for four hours with aged hops. The wort was then left overnight in Jester King’s coolship to collect natural yeast and bacteria before being aged in oak barrels that was then refermented with both Balaton cherries and raspberries.

“For our 2018 blend, we selected two puncheons of SPON from 2014, two puncheons of SPON from 2015, and one 225 liter barrel of SPON from 2016,” reads a post on Jester King’s Facebook page. “After creating the blend, we refermented it with 960 pounds of raspberries and 840 pounds of Balaton cherries. ”

This will be the third time that SPON Raspberry & Cherry has been released after it debuted in December 2016 and returned late last year. As the name indicates, the base beer is Jester King’s SPON, a 100 percent spontaneously fermented beer that was first sold in 2016.

According to Jester King, the newest incarnation of SPON Raspberry & Cherry will be packaged in 375ml bottles ($25) with approximately 3,200 bottles available when they go on sale at the brewery on Sept. 28 with a purchase limit of four bottles per person per day.