This weekend, Jester King Brewery is releasing the second incarnation of a beer that debuted last year.

The beer is appropriately named 2017 Kvass, a 4.4 percent ABV Kvass-style ale that was brewed with 300 pounds of rye bread sourced from collaborator Sandeep Gyawali, owner of Austin-based Miche Bread. The ale debuted on Nov. 25, 2016, although that version was brewed with 140 pounds of bread and came in at a lower 3.4 percent ABV.

While relatively unknown in America, kvass-style beers are historically a very low ABV traditional drink brewed with grains or bread that is popular in Russia and other European countries.

According to a post on Jester King’s Facebook page, 2017 Kvass will be packaged in 750ml bottles ($13) with approximately 2,900 bottles available and is scheduled to have no purchase limits when it goes on sale on Oct. 13.