This Friday, Jester King Brewery is releasing the latest incarnation of a beer named after an organism that feeds on dead organic material.

The Austin, Texas-based brewery will be selling the third batch of Detritivore, a 5.5 percent ABV farmhouse ale refermented with the same Michigan cherries used in the production of Montmorency vs. Balaton barrel-aged sour ale (6.7 percent ABV.) The first batch of Detritivore was released at Jester King on July 11, 2014, while the second release was held on May 29, 2015.

“Detritivore is made by taking the refermented cherries from Montmorency vs Balaton, and refermenting them a second time with young farmhouse ale fermented in stainless steel” reads a post on Jester King’s website. “While we enjoy the bright, jammy flavors and aromas of Montmorency vs Balaton, most of us here at Jester King prefer the more subtle, integrated fruit character in Detritivore.”

According to a post on Jester King’s Facebook page, approximately 3,000 750ml bottles ($18) of 2016 Detritivore will be available and will go on sale on Aug. 19 with a limit of three bottles per person per day. This is an increase from the last release which had a total of 2,000 bottles priced at $14 each and a two bottle per person per day limit.