Jester King Brewery has rereleased its beer that was named after the beer of the Vikings.

The newest rendition of Gotlandsdricka is a 6.6 percent ABV farmhouse ale brewed with fuggles hops, birchwood smoked malt, beechwood smoked malt,  juniper, and Myrica gale. The Scandinavian-inspired ale was first released in 2012, with the last release coming in early 2015.

Jester King Gotlandsdricka Blend #5

The Austin-based brewery explained its thinking behind the beer when it was first released:

We don’t consider Gotlandsdricka to be a historic recreation of the style. From what we can gather, the original beer would likely have been smokey, sour and reeking of juniper and birch. It would not have been the product of fermentation with brewer’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) in a temperature controlled, sanitized stainless steel vessel, which is how our rendition of the style was created. Rather, like all historic beers brewed before the rather recent discovery and harnessing of brewer’s yeast, it would have been the product of fermentation involving wild yeast and bacteria.

According to Jester King’s website, this incarnation of Gotlandsdricka is packaged in 750ml bottles ($12) and is on sale at the brewery now. An email sent to the brewery for additional information was not immediately returned.