Fourteen months after it was first released, Jester King Brewery’s collaboration with Austin, Texas-based Franklin Barbecue is back.

Jester Figlet Batch 2 1

As was the case the first time it was released in Nov. 2014, Figlet is a farmhouse ale brewed with figs sourced from Lightsey Farms in Mexia, Texas and Lewis Wines in Johnson City, Texas that were then smoked at Franklin Barbecue.

Figlet was first released in conjunction with an episode of the Austin PBS show BBQ With Franklin, explains the Jester King website:

Aaron Franklin set out to explore the use of smoke in beer making for the episode. We wanted to branch out beyond the traditional use of smoked malt and opted to take a local ingredient that was in season — Texas figs — and use it as a medium to impart characteristics from Franklin’s barbecue pits into the beer. Local figs were caramelized with heat and cold smoked at Franklin Barbecue. Aaron charred a portion of the figs, which imparted a subtle burnt, almost leathery, character to the beer.

According to a post on the Austin, Texas-based brewery’s website, this incarnation of Figlet will be packaged in 750ml bottles ($12) with no bottle limit when it goes on sale today. There will be approximately 6, 000 bottles available.