Jester King Brewery just got a whole bunch bigger.

The Austin, Texas-based brewery has announced the purchase of 58 acres of land surrounding its physical location. According to a post on its website, the brewery hopes to accomplish a number of different goals with the acquisition, including keeping the land from being developed, to preserve the natural beauty of the location where Jester King resides and to eventually turn the land into a working farm.

Jester King Land Size

“It’s no secret that we consider ourselves to be an authentic farmhouse brewery,” reads the post. “We make this claim on the label of every bottle of our beer. To us, farmhouse brewing means using our natural surroundings to create beer that’s inextricably linked to a particular time and place. In order to breathe more life into our claim of authenticity, we think it’s very important that Jester King farm its own land for use in beer making.”

The brewery is located over 15 miles west of downtown Austin.

The land deal does not include Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza, which will remain an independent business physically located next to the brewery.

In addition, the purchase will allow Jester King to start both a vineyard and orchard as well as to begin planting grains, herbs and vegetables, the results of which will be utilized for brewing its beers.

Finally, Jester King is planning to eventually build a farm-to-table restaurant on site, as well as “small-scale lodging for guests, a wedding and event space, nature trails, farmers markets, art fairs, and an education center on fermentation and sustainable farming.”