Along with the recently announced rerelease of Commercial Suicide (2.9 percent ABV) bottles, Jester King Brewery is rereleasing two new batches of its Provenance farmhouse ales.

The Austin, Texas-based brewery will be selling the second batch of two of the three Provenance blends: Provenance — Orange & Grapefruit (5.5 percent ABV) and Provenance — Lemon & Lime (5.7 percent ABV). Both beers are brewed with citrus zest from locally sourced fruit that was “added late in the boil” as well as citrus juice that was added during fermentation. 

Jester King Provenance

There were three versions of Provenance released last year, including Provenance — Tangerine & Clementine, which will not be released this year due to the inability of the brewery to find the fruit necessary to brew it.

In addition to the aforementioned bottles, there will be a draft-only release of a barrel-aged version of Batch 1 Provenance that is a blend of both Batch 1 Lemon & Lime and Batch 1 Orange & Grapefruit which has been aged for “about a year” in the mezcal barrels that previously contained Encendia (11 percent ABV).

According to a post on Jester King’s blog, there are approximately 6,500 bottles of each of the two Provenance beers packaged in 750ml bottles ($12) that will be available for sale on June 19 with no limits.