Collaborations in the craft beer world are nothing new, but Jester King Brewery and Prairie Artisan Ales have taken it to the next level.

The two breweries have collaborated on what they are calling a Coolship Roadtrip, where they essentially took wort from each brewery and drove it to each other’s locations, where both beers will ferment in oak barrels until they are ready.

“Coolship Roadtrip involved brewing wort at Jester King, inoculating it in our coolship with native yeast and bacteria, driving the wort to Prairie for fermentation in their oak barrels, then repeating the process in reverse by brewing at Prairie, inoculating wort in their coolship, and driving it to Jester King for fermentation in our oak barrels,” reads a post on Jester King’s website. “We’re very excited to now have wort brewed at Prairie and inoculated with their native microorganisms busily fermenting in our barrel room!”

Traditionally used in Belgium, a coolship is a large, shallow steel pan about a foot deep that is used to both cool down wort after it is brewed and to expose the resulting concoction to naturally occurring yeasts and bacteria that are in the air.

According to Jester King, both versions of the resulting beer will be left to ferment at their respective breweries for “quite some time” before being released. Regardless of how the first incarnation turns out, the Austin, Texas-based brewery writes that it is already planning on doing another Coolship Roadtrip sometime next year.

The breweries have previously collaborated including Natural Union, a beer released last year.