The collaborations continue to roll out from Jester King, and the latest was brewed more than three months ago with Local Option, a Chicago-based brewpub that also brews its own beer.

Jester King-Local Option Feral Dampf 3

The newest beer is named Feral Dampf, a 5.7 percent ABV “farmhouse dampfbier” brewed with “a fairly large dose of hops” and fermented it for “a relatively short period of time” in stainless steel, thus leading to more of a bitter beer as opposed to a more sour beer. The new release was brewed at Austin-based Jester King on Jan. 26 and bottled on March 16, where it has been refermenting since.

“Centuries ago, there was no pure culture fermentation,” explains a post on Jester King’s website.

“All beer was a product of mixed culture fermentation with different kinds of yeast and bacteria. In order to inoculate Feral Dampf with a host of native microorganisms from around our brewery, we allowed the wort to cool overnight exposed to the night air in our coolship. We also inoculated the wort with our mixed culture the next morning once the wort had cooled.”

Jester King-Local Option Feral Dampf 2According to Jester King,¬†Feral Dampf will be packaged in 750ml bottles ($12) with about 2,400 bottles available when it goes on sale at the brewery’s Zwanze Day on April 14.