A third batch of Jester King Brewery and Live Oak Brewing’s Foudreweizen should be released by the end of the year.

As with the two previous batches, the farmhouse wheat beer incorporates wort and yeast from Austin, Texas-based Live Oak’s popular Hefeweizen (5.2 percent ABV) into a brew that was then fermented in a large foudre located at Jester King. The name Foudreweizen is taken from two different sources: foudre, which refers to the giant oak tank the beer was fermented in, and weizen, which translates to wheat from German.

“The foudre’s a big barrel,” wrote Jeffrey Stuffings, Jester King founder, in an email to Tenemu. “We’ve been moving toward using larger oak vessels because we still get a good amount of oak character even in 225L barrels we’ve used several times.”

This is the third time that the two breweries have collaborated on Foudreweizen, after the first incarnation was released on May 22, 2015 and the second version was released on Nov. 20, 2015.  The first collaboration beer produced by the two breweries, named Kollaborationsbiermittschechischemhopfenundwilderbakterienhefekombination, was a farmhouse-style beer that came in at 4.2 percent ABV and was brewed with Czech and kazbek hops, two types of malted barley, brewer’s yeast, wild yeast and souring bacteria.

According to Stuffings, the third batch of Foudreweizen will mirror both previous releases, with the same ingredients, the same brewing process and approximately the same amount brewed, about 30bbls. Although no specific date has been chosen for a release, Stuffings told Tenemu that he expects the beer will take “3-4 months fermentation between foudre and bottle.”