Black Friday just got a whole lot more interesting for fans of Jester King Brewery.

The Austin-based brewery will be releasing Birra di Sangiovese, a 7.4 percent ABV barrel-aged sour ale refermented on Sangiovese grapes that were grown at Tyler Farms & Vineyard in Midland, Texas.

According to Jester King, approximately 1,100 pounds of hand-harvested Sangiovese grapes were added to eight 225 liter oak barrels of sour beer to referment for “around a month” before the ale was bottled on Sept. 20.

Sangiovese is a red Italian wine grape that was named after the Latin phrase sanguis Jovis, or the blood of Jupiter.

Birra di Sangiovese is packaged in 500ml bottles ($20) and will go on sale at the Jester King tasting room on Nov. 24. Approximately 1,600 bottles are available and there will be a limit of three bottles per person per day. In addition, Jester King will be releasing the newest version of Grim Harvest, a 5.2 percent ABV farmhouse ale that has been conditioned on “spent” blackberries that were used in the brewery’s Nocturn Chrysalis.