Six months after their first collaboration beer was released, Jester King Brewery and Fonta Flora Brewery are at it again.

According to a post on Fonta Flora’s Instagram page, the two breweries brewed together again last week, this time producing a “rustic blond base beer” brewed with Sun Gold spelt sourced from North Carolina, oats and barley. The beer was then left in Jester King’s coolship to condition on a combination of aged golding hops, fennel grown at Jester King, stinging needle sourced from North Carolina and false pennyroyal.

This is the second collaboration the two breweries have produced, after the draft-only Armadillo Trousers (4.8 percent ABV) was released last October. That beer was a petite saison that was brewed at Morganton, N.C.-based Fonta Flora with barley from North Carolina, wheat, rye and Kentucky naked oats before being fermented on golden plums with a blend of the two brewery’s house microorganisms. The saison was then conditioned on locally foraged sassafras leaves and blended with OBX sea salt.

Although a release date or distribution plans have not been announced, this as-yet unnamed beer will most likely be available in Jester King’s home state of Texas, since the beer was brewed at the Austin-based brewery.