Jester King Brewery is producing yet another SPON variant, and this one will be sans carbonation.

According to labels filed with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC), the beer is 2016 SPON — Still, a 5.4 percent ABV 100 percent spontaneously fermented ale that is made up of 60 percent malted barley and 40 percent raw wheat that was boiled for four hours with aged hops before being cooled in the Austin-based brewery’s coolship. The ale was fermented and aged in French Oak puncheons for two years. However, unlike every other SPON release, 2016 SPON — Still was bottled without the addition of any priming sugar, meaning that it will not feature any carbonation when it is poured.

In November 2016, Jester King debuted its first 100 percent spontaneously fermented beer named 2016 SPON — Méthode Gueuze, a blend of one-, two- and three-year-old 100 percent spontaneously fermented beer that was made using the same traditional method that produces authentic Belgian gueuze.

2016 SPON — Still is the seventh variant to be released, announced or had labels filed so far in Jester King’s SPON Series:

According to the labels, 2016 SPON — Still was blended on Aug. 18, 2016 and will be packaged in 750ml bottles. An email sent to the brewery for additional information was not immediately returned.