Jester King Brewery brewing a farmhouse ale is nothing new, but this version has some very special ingredients.

In mid-December, the Austin, Texas-based brewery brewed a farmhouse ale with tangerine juice and zest sourced from G&S Groves in Texas, along with raw wildflower honey. However, in an interesting twist, the brewery included not only the brewery’s own yeast, but also cultures from two other breweries: St. Louis, Mo.-based Side Project Brewing and Chicago, Ill-based Off Color Brewing.

Jester King Brewery on Twitter

Juicing and zesting tangerines from G&S Groves for our collaboration with @OffcolorBrewing & @SideProjectBrew!

“We brewed a pretty simple, medium-gravity wort that would allow the combined cultures from the three breweries to drive the major flavor and aroma characteristics of the beer,” wrote Jeffrey Stuffings, owner of Jester King, in and email with Tenemu. “In addition to the tangerine juice and zest, we added Texas raw wildflower honey to the whirlpool.”

While it is still too early for release details other than it will “it will ferment for quite a while,” posts on Jester King’s Facebook page indicate that the finished beer will be distributed in both Chicago and Texas.