Two of Austin’s most notable names in beer and barbecue are getting together for a collaboration.

Four days after releasing its newest seasonal saison, Jester King Brewery has announced yet another beer, this time a collaboration with Franklin Barbecue utilizing smoked figs.

Jester King Figlet

Jester King Figlet is a 6.2 percent ABV farmhouse ale brewed with barley, oats and hops before being fermented for four months in stainless steel, then transferred to bottles, kegs and casks. The figs, which were added to the beer during the last few weeks of the stainless steel fermentation, were smoked by Aaron and Stacy Franklin of the world-famous barbecue joint. As is common with Jester King’s beer, Figlet uses local Hill Country well water.

“The original impetus for this collaboration came from the filming of an upcoming episode of BBQ With Franklin, which will air on KLRU-TV, Austin PBS,” explains the Jester King website.

“Aaron Franklin set out to explore the use of smoke in beer making for the episode. We wanted to branch out beyond the traditional use of smoked malt and opted to take a local ingredient that was in season — Texas figs — and use it as a medium to impart characteristics from Franklin’s barbecue pits into the beer. Local figs were caramelized with heat and cold smoked at Franklin Barbecue. Aaron charred a portion of the figs, which imparted a subtle burnt, almost leathery, character to the beer. The base beer was designed to integrate the flavors and aromas of the smoked figs with our house fermentation characteristics, which stem from mixed culture fermentation with a blend of brewer’s yeast, wild yeast from the Texas Hill Country, and native souring bacteria.”

Jester King Figlet Label

Franklin’s face is featured on the label.

Figlet will be released at the Austin, Texas-based brewery on Friday, Nov. 21 in both 750ml bottles ($12) and on draft. Approximately 3,500 bottles were produced and there will be a two bottle per day limit for each person.

Last year, Franklin Barbecue was named the “best bbq join in the world” by Texas Monthly.