Turns out, Jester King Brewery has one more surprise release up its sleeve for this weekend.

The Austin-based brewery has announced it will be releasing its collaboration with Perennial Artisan Ales named Enigmatic Taxa, a 6.9 percent ABV barrel-aged farmhouse ale incorporating Cascade, Simcoe, X17 and Zythos hops and referemented on grapefruit juice and grapefruit zest. In addition, the beer wort was aged in a foudre with a yeast cake from a batch of Ol’ Oi still inside it.

The ale was brewed at Austin-based Jester King in February, and was bottled in May.

This is the fourth new beer being released at Jester King this weekend, after it was announced that 2017 Fēn Táo,  2017 Aurelian Lure and 2017 Snörkel would also be available.

According to a post on Jester King’s Facebook page, Enigmatic Taxa will be packaged in 750ml bottles ($14) and will have no bottle limit when they go on sale today with approximately 2,700 bottles available.

Update (Sept. 15, 2017) — This post was updated to include details on the pricing, release date and brewing information. It was originally published on Sept. 10, 2017.

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