The latest creation from Jester King Brewery is a style of beer it has never released before.

The beer is appropriately named Kvass, a 3.4 percent ABV Kvass-style ale that was brewed with malted barley and 140 pounds of bread sourced from collaborator Sandeep Gyawali, owner of Austin-based Miche Bread. While relatively unknown in America, kvass-style beers are historically a very low ABV traditional drink brewed with grains or bread that is popular in Russia and other European countries.


“We felt an immediate kinship with Sandeep upon learning about his process,” reads a post on Jester King’s website. “He mills his flour in-house using heritage grains, and he allows the bread to naturally leaven for several days with native yeast and bacteria, thereby creating all sorts of interesting flavors and aromas. Given our own use of Texas barley and wheat, and our spontaneous fermentation with native microbes, we knew we had to work with Sandeep somehow.”

According to Jester King, Kvass will be packaged in 750ml bottles ($13) and is scheduled to have no purchase limits when it goes on sale on Nov. 25.