Just three months after its first collaboration was released, Jester King Brewery and Live Oak Brewing Co. are at it again.

The Austin, Texas breweries were at it again this week, brewing approximately 30 barrels of the second collaboration beer at Jester King that will ferment in oak barrels for “six to eight months” before being bottled.

Jester King Live Oak Collaboration 1

“For our second collaboration…we’re brewing Hefeweizen wort at Live Oak and transporting it to Jester King for fermentation,” said a post on Jester King’s website. “We plan on transferring the wort into a foudre, inoculating it with Live Oak’s Hefeweizen culture, allowing primary fermentation to occur, then moving the beer to oak barrels, and inoculating it with our house culture of brewer’s yeast and locally harvested native yeast and bacteria.”

Jester King Live Oak Collaboration 2

The first collaboration beer produced by the two breweries, Kollaborationsbiermittschechischemhopfenundwilderbakterienhefekombination, was a farmhouse-style beer that came in at 4.2 percent ABV and was brewed with Czech and kazbek hops, two types of malted barley, brewer’s yeast, wild yeast and souring bacteria.

Jester King Live Oak Collaboration 3

Jester King Founder Jeffrey Stuffings told Tenemu a name has not been chosen yet for the new beer, but it will be a farmhouse ale that will “mostly likely” be packaged in 750ml bottles priced around $16 each.

(Images via Jester King)