If your phone isn’t already clogged with reminders, consider setting one for Summer 2018.

Jester King Brewery and Brandon Jones of Yazoo Brewing Co. have teamed up to brew the Austin-based brewery’s first 100 percent spontaneously fermented beer for 2017. Jones sent Tennessee oats, rose-hips and lemongrass as ingredients for the beer. Jester King tossed in Texas-grown Silver Star malted barley and raw wheat, sourced from Blacklands Malt of Leander, Texas.

While cooling overnight in the coolship, the beer was inoculated with airborne yeast and bacteria. At the same time, the beer was steeping in the rosehips and lemongrass.

The weather this week in central Texas wasn’t ideal for a spontaneous fermentation beer. In order to cool the wort satisfactorily, the collaborators had to resort to using an immersion chiller. The technique was previously used on Jester King’s collaboration with Fonta Flora Brewery last winter.

Spontaneous fermentation is by nature a fickle process. If all goes to plan the beer will be ready in 18 to 24 months, according to Jester King’s website.

An email sent to the brewery seeking further was not immediately returned.