Jester King Brewery’s newest collaboration is a style of beer it has never brewed before.

Yesterday, the brewery brewed a kvass-style beer with Sandeep Gyawali, owner of Austin-based Miche Bread. In an email, Jeffrey Stuffings, founder of Jester King, told Tenemu that the ingredients for the beer included “barley, rye, bread, hops, water, yeast and bacteria.”

Jester King-Miche Bread Collab 2

While relatively unknown in America, kvass-style beers are historically a very low ABV traditional drink popular in Russia and other European countries that are brewed with grains or bread.

Jester King-Miche Bread Collab 3

According to Stuffings, the as-yet-unnamed beer will undergo fermentation in stainless steel and should be ready to be released by the Austin-based brewery packaged in both bottles and on draft in approximately “3-4 months.”