The latest incarnation of Jester King Brewery’s cherry sour beer is one step closer to being released.

As with previous batches, this release of Montmorency vs. Balafon will be brewed with carared, crystal pilsner, melanoidin, Munich and two-row malts, malted wheat, roasted barley as well as golding hops before before being conditioned on both Montmorency and Balaton cherries aged in oak barrels. It was first sold in 2014, with the last batch released in March 2015.

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Bottling Montmorency vs. Balaton

The cherries used for Montmorency vs. Balafon have historically been refermented for a second time in order to produce Jester King’s Detritivore (5.5 percent ABV.)

According to Jester King founder Jeffrey Stuffings, there will be approximately 4,500 500ml bottles when Montmorency vs. Balaton goes on sale in “4-6 weeks.”