Just one day after announcing the departure of Adrienne Ballou, Jester King Brewing has more staff changes, this time promotion.

Averie Swanson

According to a post on the Austin, Texas-based brewery’s website, Averie Swanson has been promoted to brewery production manager. Swanson started out as a volunteer at Jester King in Feb. 2013 before being named a brewer in April 2014.

“Over the years, she has shown a great propensity for leadership, management, and organization, and she will contribute these traits to our beer making, as our new Brewery Production Manager,” says the post.

Matt Piper

In addition, Matt Piper has been promoted to infrastructure and operations manager at the brewery.

“Matt in many ways is the glue that holds the brewery together,” says the post on the brewery’s website. “He keeps our brewing, engineering, and tasting room operations coordinated and helps the brewery function cohesively.”

Piper began working at Jester King in April 2013, and will now be responsible for overseeing the brewery’s infrastructure, manage inventory and oversee new construction and systems installation projects.