Jester King Brewery’s newest release is a blend of two different beers.

Synthesis Analogous is a 5.6 percent ABV saison that incorpoates a blend of beers that have been referemented with the same fruit used on two of Jester King’s sour beers: Nocturn Chrysalis (5.7 percent ABV) and Atrial Rubicite (4.9 percent ABV). The resulting brew had a ratio of 2:1 in favor of the beer refermented with blackberries from Nocturn Chrysalis, an it was then aged in sherry barrels for “over a year” before it was bottled in July.

Jester King Synthesis Analogous 1

A post on Jester King’s website explains the process:

As far as our process for Synthesis Analogous, in May of 2014 we took the blackberries from Nocturn Chrysalis Blend No. 2 and refermented them a second time with relatively young farmhouse ale. The resulting beer was pleasant and enjoyable, but the character from the aged hops in the young farmhouse ale needed more time to mellow. Rather than age the beer by itself, we decided to blend it with La Vie en Rose and mature it in Spanish sherry barrels. We felt the nutty, caramel character from the sherry barrels would add a nice roundness to the blend over time. The ratio of the blend was 2:1 in favor of the beer refermented with blackberries from Nocturn Chrysalis.

Refermenting fruit for specific beers is nothing new to Jester King: La Vie en Rose (5.6 percent ABV) is fermented with raspberries that were originally used in Atrial Rubicite (4.9 percent ABV) and Detritivore (5.5 percent ABV) uses the same cherries that were originally fermented to produced Montmorency vs. Balaton (6.7 percent ABV).

Jester King Synthesis Analogous 2

According to Jester King, Synthesis Analogous will be packaged in 750ml bottles ($20) and there are approximately 1,200 bottles available when it goes on sale tomorrow with a limit of one bottler per person per day.