On the week of Feb. 21 Garrett Crowell, head brewer at Jester King, and Cameron Read, the brewer at Edmund’s Oast, got together at Edmund’s Oast in Charleston, S.C. to work on a collaboration.

As of now, this collaboration does not have a name.

Stylistically, it is saison-like with rye and dill and is expected to have an ABV around 6 percent ABV.

“The grist is 100% from Riverbend Malt House in North Carolina,” said Read. “We used roughly 20% Carolina Rye and 80% of their Heritage malt (sort of a toasty/nutty base grain). The hops were English (East Kent Goldings and Target) and meant to blend in with the dill character.”

“When we were talking about working on this beer, Garrett brought up the idea of evoking the flavors of rugbrod with dill… Because Jester King is known for their in-house mixed culture of bacteria and yeast, I thought it’d be fun to mix a few strains of sacc., brett, and lacto that we use here at Edmund’s to ferment our beers.”

The beer should be released in a few months. At the moment, it is only slated to be available on draft at Edmund’s Oast.