A former draft-only released from Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery is making the jump to cans this month.

The beer in question is Cool Beans, a 4.5 percent ABV golden coffee ale brewed with locally roasted coffee from Ridge Runner Coffee. In an email, Sophia Karageorge marketing and event manager with Jackie O’s, told Tenemu that the brewery is “still test batching the coffee beans variety, and it will either be Ethiopian or Honduran or a blend of both for the release.”

The Athens, Ohio-based brewery as released versions of the beer with the same name as draft-only options in the past, but the last incarnation came in at a slightly higher 5.2 percent ABV and was conditioned on Rwandan medium roast coffee sourced from Ridge Runner Coffee when it was shipped across the state of Ohio in July 2019.

According to Karageorge, the newest version of Cool Beans will be packaged in  12-ounce cans that are scheduled to be released in mid-September, with distribution made up of retailers “mostly” in the state of Ohio.