Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery has announced some of its releases for 2018, which includes a change to its year-round lineup, a returning fan favorite and new beers.

First, the Athens, Ohio-based brewery’s Core Offerings category will take a hit, as Hop Ryot IPA will no longer a year-round option, while Firefly Amber, Chomolungma, Mystic Mama IPA  and Razz Wheat will continue to be offered all year packaged in 12-ounce cans.

Starting this month Oil of Aphrodite will be joining Dark Apparition as a year-round option in Jackie O’s Imperial Offerings category packaged in 375ml bottles.

Including the return of Woodburner in March, there will be nine new additions to Jackie O’s Barrel-Aged category that will be released in 375ml bottles throughout the year:

  • Unnamed Creature Comforts collaboration – February
  • Woodburner – March
  • Bourbon Barrel Brick Kiln Nuts – May
  • Bourbon Barrel Coffee Oil of Aphrodite – June
  • Marris barleywine – August
  • Black Mask – September
  • Unnamed Casita collaboration – October
  • Bourbon Barrel Vanilla Black Maple – November
  • Wood Ya Honey Nuts – December

Jackie O’s Sour Offerings category will also see some major changes, with 10 new releases packaged in 500ml bottles, including collaborations with The Answer Brewpub and Arizona Wilderness:

  • Primary — January
  • MXDFRM — January
  • Unnamed Answer zest collaboration — March
  • Unnamed Answer brett collaboration — March
  • OTBP 3 — April
  • Restless Wave — July
  • Oud Bruin — August
  • Gin Barrel Perpetum — September
  • Unnamed Arizona Wilderness collaboration — November
  • Lucille — December

In addition, there will be two new beers in the brewery’s Seasonal Offerings category packaged in 12-ounce cans: See Foam, which will be available October-December and Who Cooks For You, which will be available April-June.

Finally, there are “at least another dozen taproom/brewpub only releases that are not listed” according to a post on Jackie O’s Facebook page.


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