“Big stouts” somewhat understates the character of four J. Wakefield releases slated for June 10.

First up is the return of Big Poppa, which was first released last year. Big Poppa sports a hefty 16 percent ABV in 750ml bottles. It is an imperial stout with coffee, coconut, and vanilla.

The beer is a collaboration between J. Wakefield of Miami, Abnormal Beer Co. of San Diego, Mostra Coffee also of San Diego and Illest of San Mateo, Calif.

Each bottle will go for $25, with a two bottle limit per person.

Next is another imperial stout called Boss Tycoon. This collaboration with Horus Aged Ales of Oceanside, Calif. is “brewed with honey, macadamia nuts, coconut, vanilla, cocoa nibs, coffee, and marshmallows.”

Bottles of Boss Tycoon clock in at 14 percent ABV and also retail for $25 each per 750ml bottle. Purchases of Boss Tycoon will also be limited to two bottles per customer.

Rounding out the imperial stout options is the heaviest hitter, Boutit Boutit at 17 percent ABV brewed with chocolate and vanilla. This collaboration with 3 Chiefs Handcrafted Ales.

Once again, these 750ml bottles are $25 each with a two bottle limit per person.

Last but not least, is 6ix Days in Dade, an imperial Gose style ale made in collaboration with Bellwoods Brewery of Toronto. The beer “features fresh peaches and guava with a hint of lactose.”

The 6 percent ABV beverage is again bottled at 750ml, subject again to a two bottle per person limit, 6ix Days in Dade will sell for $20 each.