Austin-based Hops and Grain Brewing recently announced the release of the newest iteration of its greenhouse IPA.

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The Greenhouse IPA series is Hops & Grain’s ever-changing “ode to the expressive usage of hops,” in which the hop bill is changed in each batch. It is made with a base of German pale malt, with light additions of Vienna, caramel, and acidulated malt. The hop variety selected for use in this batch is eureka.

Josh Hare, founder of Hops & Grain, explained:

Last year I was able to get a small lot of Experimental Hop #05256 from Hopsteiner to use on our 3 bbl pilot system,“We loved the intense dark fruit aroma coupled with a very familiar grapefruit pith type aroma reminiscent of Simcoe. It was a really great hop and last year Hopsteiner finally gave it a name, Eureka! Our Greenhouse IPA is a series that we started over 2 years ago in an effort to showcase different hop varieties while keeping all other variables the same. Our Greenhouse IPA is released once or twice a month and each batch showcases either a single hop or blend of hops but we never repeat a batch. Last month we were finally able to get a large enough quantity of Eureka to use on our main brewhouse so we decided to make our next batch of Greenhouse IPA with 100% Eureka!

This version of Greenhouse has an ABV of 7.6 percent and 71 IBUs. Greenhouse is available throughout Hops & Grain’s regular distribution footprint, which currently includes Austin, San Marcos, Houston, and Dallas. It will be available in six-packs of 12-ounce cans and should begin hitting shelves later this week.