On Wednesday, Hill Farmstead Brewery will be releasing two brand new beers, along with a fan favorite.

According to a post on its website, the first new beer will be Leaves of Grass – November 22, 2015, a “Belgian-inspired” brown ale that was open fermented in an oak tank. This is the third beer in the Leaves of Grass series, after Leaves of Grass – July 4, 2015, a 4.5 percent ABV “farmstead ale” brewed with green tea, citrus and “apple water” and fermented in oak that was released on Oct. 14 and Leaves of Grass – July 16, 2015, a farmstead ale brewed with sour candy and fermented in oak barrels was released on Oct. 28. The newest incarnation in the series will be packaged in 375ml bottles ($8) and will be limited to two bottles per person.

Secondly, the Greensboro Bend, Vt.-based brewery will be releasing Elaborative Three, a collaboration with Brad Clark of Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery located in Athens, Ohio that was brewed in March 2014. The beer is an imperial stout brewed with rapadura, an unrefined cane sugar, before being aged for 20 months in a “variety of bourbon barrels” and blended together.

As the name suggests, this will be the third beer in the Elaborative Series, after Elaborative One, a brown ale brewed with Ohio walnuts and aged in oak barrels was released in 2013 and Elaborative Two, a farmstead ale breed with pumpkins and aged in both a variety of wine barrels and a cider barrel before being blended together and released in 2013.

According to the brewery, Elaborative Three will be packaged in 500ml bottles ($20) and will be limited to two bottles per person.

Finally, Hill Farmstead will be also be releasing the newest incarnation of Everett, a 7.5 percent ABV porter brewed with a combination of German and American malts, American hops, yeast and well water that was first sold in 2010. The newest version of Everett will be packaged in 500ml bottles ($8).

All three beers will go on sale when the brewery opens on Dec. 16.